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We are pleased to announce that we will be holding Rebreather Forum 4 (RF4), Thursday through Saturday, 20-22 April 2023 at the old University of Malta campus in Valletta, Malta, sponsored by DAN Europe, DAN and PADI in partnership with Heritage Malta. The purpose of the scientific and trade-only meeting is to advance the diving community’s state of knowledge regarding rebreather technology and its uses, with the goal of improving rebreather diving safety and performance.

We plan to hold a Non-Caustic Cocktail Reception on Wednesday evening before the conference, a Friday bag lunch, and a Saturday evening banquet with guest speaker. In addition, we will have an exhibit area for participating vendors to display their equipment, near to the main conference room. Vendors interested in sponsorship opportunities, exhibit space and or conducting demos, please contact the organizer/convenor.

Please save the dates and share the information with your colleagues. If you have questions about the meeting, contact RF4 organizer/convenor.


Michael Menduno
M: +1.760.831.9494

Who should attend?

We are expecting several hundred attendees representing diving equipment manufacturers, training agency personnel, instructors and instructor trainers, diving and hyperbaric medicine researchers, scientific and military diving personnel, government health and safety officials, and other organizations involved in rebreather diving. The meeting is not intended for diving consumers. If you are professionally involved in rebreather diving, we encourage you to attend. There will be a limited number of tickets available.

The RF4 Program and Proceedings

The RF4 scientific program committee consists of Drs. John Clarke, Simon Mitchell, Neal Pollock, Frauke Tillmans, and journalist Michael Menduno. The four primary focal areas are diving safety, physiology, technology, and training. Proceedings of the meeting will be published and made publicly available.

The original Rebreather Forum was held in May 1994, in Key West, Florida. Rebreather Forum 2 was held in September 1996 in Redondo Beach, California. Rebreather Forum 3 was held in in May 2012, in Orlando, Florida. A related event, Rebreathers and Scientific Diving workshop was held in February 2015, on Catalina Island, CA. Click the links to download the relevant proceedings.

Shipwreck Diving & More

Malta is surrounded by hundreds of historical shipwrecks, including nearly 20 archeologically-significant wrecks under the management of Heritage Malta. With their support, the three-day program will be augmented with organized diving on various historical wrecks in Malta the week immediately preceding the meeting (April 12-19) and additional shipwreck diving in Gozo the week after (April 23-30). This will include the exclusive opportunity for RF4 attendees to dive the wrecks in Malta’s newly launched deepwater archaeological park. Diving activities will be coordinated by RAID, Heritage Malta and their registered dive centres. In addition, there will be workshops, and demonstrations held prior to the meeting.

Diving operations co-ordinated by:

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We are in the process of finalizing the conference hotel and additional venues, pricing, registration, and schedule. Please enter your contact details and answer a few questions, and we will keep you updated on registration and meeting details as soon as they become available. This site will eventually serve as the repository for all of the information about the conference including online registration.