Past Proceedings and Reports

We plan to publish the scientific proceedings from Rebreather Forum 4 to be available in OCT 2023. Below are the downloadable proceedings and/or reports from past Forums.

Rebreathers & Scientific Diving, Catalina Is., CA February 2015:
Rebreathers & Scientific Diving Workshop Proceedings 

Rebreather Forum 3.0, Orlando, FL May 2012:
Rebreather Forum 3 Proceedings
The View from Rebreather Forum 3: Improving Rebreather Safety

Rebreather Forum 2.0, Redondo Beach, CA September 1996:
Proceedings of Rebreather Forum 2.0

Rebreather Forum 1.0, Key West, FL May 1994: 
In The Loop: A Report on aquaCORPS Rebreather Forum

Behind Closed Circuits: A Documentary by aquaCORPS and Docent Films  (1993)

aquaCORPS #7 C2

aquaCORPS #7 C2 (Closed Circuit) was published in January 1994 just prior to the 1994 tek.Conference and DEMA show held in New Orleans, LA. The issue focused on rebreather technology, and we planned it as a primer in anticipation of aquaCORPS Rebreather Forum, scheduled to be held in Key West, FL that coming May. At the time, there was only a few dozen rebreathers in the hands of sport divers.

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