Rebreather Forum 4 Schedule

The symposium will address safety, physiology, technology, training, and knowledge gaps relevant to rebreather diving. The primary goals are to: 1) consolidate the knowledge base and enhance knowledge transfer, and 2) promote best practices within the community. The program includes 22 hours of scheduled synthesis sessions plus additional events over a three-day period. Optional diving activities will be available before and after the workshop for those interested.

Note that the presentation titles listed below are working titles subject to change.

Friday, 14 April-Tuesday 18 April:

Shipwreck & Recreational Diving: See Dive Operations

Monday, 17 April

09:00-15:00 National Pool Complex: RF4 Try-dives with Divesoft and Garmin.

Tuesday, 18 April

09:00-15:00 National Pool Complex: Try-dives with Divesoft, Fathom, iQsub , rEvo, Mares Horizon and Garmin.

DAN Europe is offering a half-day Neurological Assessment Course for €90 that will include a short oxygen provider review. If you are interested in attending, email Guy Thomas at [email protected].

SUEX is offering open-water DPV TRY-DIVES (sea condition permitting) at a local Malta site called Cirkewwa on the 18th and 19th April . They also have a fleet of SUEX VRX and a few XJT/XJS for rental with your RF4 tech shipwreck dives. If you have an interest in either of these options contact Max Valli, Orangeshark Diving centre at: [email protected] Or call diveline: +356 21521329 mobile: +356 79001802

18-19 APRIL: 

Next, Gareth Lock and Andzrej Gornicki from The Human Diver will be hosting four half-day HF workshops on 18 and 19 April at the Excelsior Hotel. These workshops will give participants a number of a things: experience the core skills needed for high-performance teams using a globally-deployed team simulator, an experiential insight into how success happens in a complex environment but why people still make ‘stupid’ mistakes, and what leaders (as divers, instructors or organisations) can do to create positive change towards safety and learning from incidents, accidents and near misses.You can find out more by following this link: Human Diver RF4 Workshops

Wednesday, 19 April

09:00-15:00 National Pool Complex: Try-dives Divesoft, Fathom, iQsub , rEvo, Mares Horizon and Garmin. Divesoft will also be running a (dual) Rebreather Bailout workshop. Shearwater and Sonardyne will be demonstrating their new DiveTrack system.

 Human Diver RF4 Workshops

18:30-21:00 Non-Caustic Cocktail Reception, Floriani Room, Grand Hotel Excelsior. Supported by “VisitMalta Incentives and Meetings.”

Thursday, 20 April

08:45-09:15Opening remarksMichael Menduno and others
09:15-10:00Overview of technical rebreather divingMichael Menduno
10:00-11:00Hazards in rebreather divingNeal Pollock
11:00-11:30Break/Exhibitors-coffee/tea service
11:30-12:30Accident review – the safety situationFrauke Tillmans
12:30-13:15Human factors in rebreather divingGareth Lock
13:15-14:30Lunch (provided)
14:30-15:30Military diving with rebreathersVince Ferris, Oskar Franberg
15:30-16:30Equipment options for diver safetyPete Mesley
16:30-17:00Break/Exhibitors-coffee/tea service
17:00-18:00Bailout strategiesAndy Pitkin
18:00-18:30Mixed platform/mode divingMauritius Bell

Friday, 21 April

08:30-09:30Advances in decompression theory and practiceDavid Doolette
09:30-10:30CCR trainingMark Caney, Sean Harrison, Paul Toomer
10:30-11:00Break/Exhibitors-coffee/tea service
11:00-12:00Developments in rebreather diving equipmentKevin Gurr
12:00-12:45Developments in CO2 monitoringSimon Mitchell
12:45-14:00Lunch (provided)
14:00-15:00Demystifying scrubbersJohn Clarke
15:00-16:00Emergency proceduresRichie Kohler
16:00-16:30Break/Exhibitors-coffee/tea service
16:30-17:15Thermal managementNeal Pollock
17:15-18:00Use of CCRs in Malta shipwreck divingTimmy Gambin

Saturday, 22 April

08:30-09:00School of diving safety and medicineSimon Caruana
09:00-10:00The future of physiological monitoringRachel Lance
10:00-10:30Blue sky future CCR technologiesPhil Short, Kevin Gurr
10:30-11:00Break/Exhibitors–coffee/tea service
11:00-12:00Real time physiological diver monitoringAlessandro Marroni
12:00-12:45Priority list straw manSimon Mitchell
12:45-14:00Lunch (provided)
14:00-16:00Consensus list discussion
16:00-16:30Break/Exhibitors-coffee/tea service
16:30-18:00Consensus list discussion
18:00-18:15Concluding remarks
19:30-23:30RF4 Hydrogen Banquet Blowout at Xara Lodge with keynote speaker Dr. Richard ‘Harry’ Harris on “Hydrogen diving.” Driven by SUEX!

Monday 24 April- Friday 28 April

Shipwreck Diving: See RF4 Dive Operations

24-25 APRIL: Gareth Lock has created a specific two-day courseLearning from Unintended Consequences for those in leadership positions. There are 12 spaces available. According to Lock: Sports, Scientific, PSD, and Military Diving do not have a recognized, structured format for Learning from Unintended Outcomes (LFUO), especially those based on safety science. The processes used are often focused on blame, punishment, and proximal causes rather than learning and context. This course changes that paradigm and provides graduates with a new view on how to look at events in order to improve learning as well as safety in diving.

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